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martin fierro zero jerry garcia

A tribute Dan Freidman put together last Jan 18, Martin's birthday:

After some domain name issue glitches, Martin's Website is now being hosted here at We hope to have the blog back in action in some point in the not too-distant future!

yet another Meester

It has now been a full year since Martin took off for that great gig in the sky, and not a day has gone by without his family, friends, fans and loved ones thinking about him. Wether it be a tune, a taco or a tequilla, so many things trigger so many wonderful memories of our dear meester.

As Robert Hunter so eloquently phrased it:


-R. Hunter

Martin is survived by his sister Theresa, his sons Raphael, Miguel and David, his daughters Xochitl and Jessica, and previous wives Susan and Lisa. And of course all the meesters and meeses that encountered him along the way.

We all love and miss you Martin, hope your gig tonight is a good one!

Here are some some pictures from the family archives:

A couple of buddies, probably gigging right now...

In full costume...

Happy Days...

With Howard Wales...

In a deep groove...

With Wavy Gravy...

Members of Zero will pay tribute in public – 8/8/08 at the Fillmore, SF. The show will include Steve Kimock, Greg Anton, Bobby Vega, Judge Murphy, Pete Sears, Chip Roland, Banana, Donna Jean Godchaux-MacKay, Melvin Seals, John Morgan Kimock, Hadi Al-Sadoon, Jon Farey and more special guests.

The opening act will be the Martin Fierro-less Quartet Featuring Martin's long time friends Jack Dorsey, Alex Baum, Matt Eakle, Ray Scott, Eric Wiley, Hadi Al-Sadoon and others.

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Seva Foundation’s Native American programs in honor of Martin.

Martin passed away This afternoon in Marin County, CA after a short battle with cancer. Our legendary Meester was surrounded by his family and loved ones and left in peace.

Update 3.15.08:
Dear Friends,

The Fierro family wishes to thank everyone who has made great effort to come to his aid during this difficult time . Your outreach and offers of support are incredibly empowering and wonderful.

We understand that so many of you feel a special bond with Martin -- through his soulful music, his humor, his spirit, and boundary-free passion to make a positive connection with everyone he encounters. Over his past 50+ years of performing, the Meester has touched so many so deeply with his unconditional desire to deliver the magic of live music and make people happy. We are deeply appreciative of the many friends who have "been there" for Martin, in so many amazing ways. Martin loves and appreciates you more than you know. He truly treasured all of the special, bizarre and unexpected moments he has shared with us all. Onstage and off.

All official announcements will be posted here regarding any public memorials and musical celebrations of his life.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

Message from Martin:
Dear Fans, Friends and Family,

At this time I would like to let you know that I am about to face one of the biggest challenges of my life. I know that with Gods will, along with your love, support and prayers we will meet this challenge to the end.

Being the kind of person that I am, I have always shared my love, laughter and tears through the music I have played for over 50 years now. Please reflect on that and hold it in your thoughts and prayers for me and my extended family in this time of need.

Love, Martin Fierro

Keep posted for more info!

photo©2007 Alan Blaustein

Poster©2008 Dave Hunter

art©2008 Greg aka Zerodude!